Reasons for success

Ensure the quality that our customers need
Quality steel required by the client and processed according to your specifications.
Highly qualified Team
An essential part of the quality and production efficiency.
Major Investments in Technology
Always respectful with the environment.
Production philosophy based on quality
Our philosophy is based on continuous improvement.


Welcome to SERVICHAP, a highly dynamic and modern company based on service and fulfillment of customer needs.

Since its inception in 1999, Servichap specializes in the purchase of steel coils from the most prestigious steelmakers and its transformation into steel flat and stripped products for use in various industrial sectors. Initially located at a facility of 3,500 m2, SERVICHAP has maintained a steady growth to become today a company with 36,000 m2 of industrial area, with cut lines of art, its own fleet of trucks and a highly qualified staff.

It has a daily production capacity 500tns our trucks allow delivery to very competitive and our staff are involved in the optimization of service and attention to all our customers.

These values ​​make SERVICHAP a leader in the industry, assuming the quality and requirements of our customers as the basis for their work.